what we are……..


GRRRZZZ…………….. since it has to squeak, like the sound made by a jack one plugs in a guitar while the amp works very loudly…

Dark , rough and political lyrix. Sharp and heavy guitar riffs, noisy and obsessive electronic melodies and hammer beats.

Pimpox runs all the electronic stuff ( synths, programmation, samplers, etc. ) and voice.

Pepe plays guitar and screams.

We tour a lot along all the european alternative scene. The baltic states are hardly the only who avoided our intrusion.

A bunch of miscellaneous labels produced and-or provide our 4 albums: this list runs from Sordide Sentimental ( Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV… ) to Dtrash, canadian weblabel from Toronto involved in punk, electronic, twisted stuff. Labels as Attila Tralala, Aredje, Maloka, NKS International are part of it as well.

These 4 albums:

2002   un peu de souplesse dans les barbelés

2005   optima ferox

2010   dans le sens du poil

2016   geriatric disaster

. + a 2011 compilation gathering 21 bands coming from pretty much everywhere, each one of them covering one Grrzzz song. The item is called «100 ans de carrière».